Set a Visual Studio Code theme for a specific project

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A good way to distinguish between several projects open at the same time is to use a separate [[VS Code Theme]] for each one. This will create a .vscode folder in your project so bear that in mind in shared projects.

  • First make sure you have the Themes you want to use has been installed
  • Click File, Preferences, Settings
  • Click the Workspace tab. I had: User, Remote [WSL: Ubuntu 20.04], Workspace
  • Open Workbench in the left hand menu and click the Appearance submenu
  • Scroll to Color Theme in the main window and select the desired theme
  • The change should happen automatically and you can check for a .vscode folder in your project. If there are no other customised settings the settings.json file should look something like this
    "workbench.colorTheme": "Solarized Dark"

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